unpaid amount

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He said progress is being made to get the unpaid amount from the company.
The meeting reviewed in detail the aabiana rate and unpaid amount by Kissan organizations.
The Group, in its proposal, also said that it is willing to give an irrevocable bank guarantee at any time for any unpaid amount and sought SC's permission to allow its companies to operate bank accounts which have been frozen
Bulgarian energy consultant, Bogomil Manchev, declared Thursday the country's National Electric Company, NEK, still owed him EUR 950 000 and he was, most likely, going to sue it over the unpaid amount.
Since 2004 the total unpaid amount of Peshmarga budget by the central government amounts to US$ 7 billion.
Taxpayers who can't pay all of their current tax bill on time this year also can pay in installments, the IRS said, but interest will still be added to the unpaid amount.
If the parent is unable to continue paying the monthly saving as a result of death or permanent disability anytime during the saving period then the Takaful (insurance) company pays the unpaid amount, this guarantees the parent that his child's higher educational expenses are covered, regardless of him been present or not.
Therefore, if your company deducts any unpaid amount from your salary, you may file a complaint with the Labour Department.
After that, the IRS will look for ways to make all officers of the company or anyone who was responsible for the decision forego deposits liable for the unpaid amount.
Pension Funding Scheme: Rather than pay the full amount required, the state would stretch out the payments needed by capping the annual contribution with the unpaid amount to be repaid over 10 years at a rate of return equivalent to the return on a fixed rate investment portfolio.
Labour's Barry Sheerman had the sixth highest unpaid amount, owing pounds 1,808.
The highest unpaid amount - pounds 18,780 - is due from former Labour MP John Lyons.