unpaid amount

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The National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) of 1997, as amended, mandates the imposition of two types of interest on any unpaid amount of tax: deficiency interest and delinquency interest.
Section 140A(3) says, if a person fails to pay either wholly or partly self-assessment tax or interest, then he will be treated as assessee in default in respect of unpaid amount.
I do not have any problem in them charging me for the unpaid amount.
Accordingly, the RTC of Makati rendered a decision holding all the defendants solidarily liable for the unpaid amount.
The taxes remain unpaid and, with nearly a decade of interest accruing, the unpaid amount had ballooned to $3 million as of December.
One was later issued with a summons, and a liability order was obtained which allows the council to take legal action to recover the unpaid amount.
Ding told Reuters the court convicted Xia for an unpaid amount of 4.
Massive amount of Rs 233 billion has to be recovered from the consumers who were declared defaulters during the financial year 2014-15 while the unpaid amount to be recovered from old defaulters stands at Rs 92 billion.
He said progress is being made to get the unpaid amount from the company.
The meeting reviewed in detail the aabiana rate and unpaid amount by Kissan organizations.
The Group, in its proposal, also said that it is willing to give an irrevocable bank guarantee at any time for any unpaid amount and sought SC's permission to allow its companies to operate bank accounts which have been frozen
Bulgarian energy consultant, Bogomil Manchev, declared Thursday the country's National Electric Company, NEK, still owed him EUR 950 000 and he was, most likely, going to sue it over the unpaid amount.