unpaid bill

See: arrears
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The revelation of the unpaid bill in early October coincided with the discovery of a black hole in Patisserie's accounts, over which it suspended finance director Chris Marsh.
The revelation of the unpaid bill earlier this month coincided with the discovery of a black hole in Patisserie's accounts, over which the company suspended their finance director Chris Marsh.
COVENTRY City Council has been given more time to negotiate a settlement over an alleged unpaid bill of half a million pounds.
THE European Commission is taking Britain to court in a battle over an unpaid bill of pounds 15m in duty on garlic.
The singer's Irish Mist bar on California's Sunset Beach was almost pounds 19,000 in the red last year but the unpaid bill has now rocketed to almost pounds 40,000.
CARDIFF Blues were yesterday taken to court by the taxman over an unpaid bill.
The scanner manufacturer refuses to fix the defect because it says the British Home Office still has an unpaid bill on its books.
The mind becomes preoccupied with an unpaid bill or forgotten chore, and then you notice you're mashing down on the bicycle pedals instead of drawing smooth, consistent circles.
But a friend said he believed the unpaid bill was an oversight because he had lived in four different countries in the past four years.
Red - faced police chiefs looked on in amazement as bailiffs swooped to investigate an unpaid bill, the Gazette can reveal today.
In August of 1991, Futura Coatings brought suit against MFlex for an unpaid bill of some $30,000 due on a urethane binder which was utilized for a resilient granulated rubber composite.
Yesterday, trade unions estimated the unpaid bill at PS300,000.