unpaid debt

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A NON-EU patient left a hospital with an unpaid debt of PS532,498 last year, the highest health tourism bill ever recorded.
Summary: The Tunisian Electricity and Gas Corporation (STEG) announces a slate of one billion dinars of unpaid debt owed to its customers, 40% of which are public companies, announced its CEO,
Most importantly, when handling unpaid debt, the executor will need to publish a notice of decease to the creditors in order to arrange for payment or file a claim.
Under existing legislation, unpaid debt or the issue of a bounced cheque can land businessmen in jail.
Last year, provisions more than doubled to AED888m after some business owners fled the country with unpaid debt.
Argentina is in the process of renegotiating about $10 billion of unpaid debt to US hedge funds that refused to give it debt relief at restructurings in 2005 and 2010.
SOLIHULL Council referred more than 5,000 cases of unpaid debt to bailiffs last year, latest figures have revealed.
45 billion from Ukrainian energy firm Naftogaz in repayment for unpaid debt, the first step towards Russia resuming gas supplies to Ukraine.
This includes an unpaid debt of PS3,806 owed by Allfloors.
Latin American country cannot tap global markets because of disputes over unpaid debt
The Panamanian airline Copa is seeking $487 million in payments, which exceeds its 2013 earnings, and Air France has unpaid debt amounting to 199 million euros ($271 million).
Melbourne, Feb 24 ( ANI ): A new study suggests that a quarter of us have ended a relationship with someone over unpaid debt but the majority of people also feel super awkward asking friends to pay them back, especially when it's a small amount.