unpaid dues

See: nonpayment
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We also have tenancy disputes, banking cases for unpaid dues, or unsettled credit card payments," Al Owais said.
The executive should be encouraged to explore avenues of injecting finance to reduce stress on the players that cost Ingwe the KPL Super Cup, after the squad boycotted training for two days over unpaid dues.
6 billion in 2017 after the government collected unpaid dues from a homegrown tobacco firm that used fake tax stamps.
Since you did not approach the ministry and we presume you signed the final settlement form and employment/visa cancellation form, it is deemed implied that you have received all your dues from your employer and therefore you are not in a position to get your unpaid dues from your employer either in the ministry or before the courts which have jurisdiction to decide this case in the UAE.
Ericsson's Indian subsidiary has filed insolvency petitions against Reliance Communications and two of its companies to recover unpaid dues, the Indian mobile operator said in a stock exchange filing on Wednesday.
With most of the building projects in doldrums -- in some projects not a single brick has been placed -- builders are once again trying to fleece the buyers by claiming that for all the unpaid dues they will be charged as per GST, which will be higher.
Demetris Giannakopoulos had been accused of having bribed former Paphos mayor Savvas Vergas in 2009 and 2010 with some e1/4310,000 in exchange for Vergas arranging the payment of unpaid dues by the municipality to the company over its operation of the Paphos landfill.
The first case involved a subcontractor's claim for QAR 6 million against a main contractor in respect of unpaid dues arising from the full execution of the contract.
It is intended to allow dealers and distributors to raise invoices online in the company's format, set alerts and reminders, and view a complete dashboard of individual paid and unpaid dues with or without an ERP system.
This would help Shell achieve large returns to repay its loans and unpaid dues, according to the source.
A: Claim of unpaid dues will be entertained legally even after transfer of sponsorship to the new employer but within one year from the date of termination of employment contract.
The declaration typically grants an association a continuing lien for unpaid dues that has priority as of the date the lien is recorded in the public records.