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Board members may have legal responsibility if an employee embezzles money, one of the organization's staff members or unpaid workers commits an act of sexual misconduct, the entity fails to pay its payroll taxes or someone is injured on its property because of hazardous conditions.
A large number of Trade Union leaders and the unpaid workers participated in the protest.
The planters were painted by Community Payback unpaid workers and J and J Currie donated stones for ballast with Anne and her husband providing the compost for them.
While the government may treat the concerns of unpaid workers as being marginal to its own broader agenda, the reality is that these everyday problems and struggles , when aggregated, help to both diagnose and explain one of the fundamental problems at the heart of governance in Pakistan; for all the emphasis on large infrastructure projects, macro-level indicators of 'growth', and big debates over democratisation and the civil-military balance, there is a basic disconnect between state and citizen in the Land of the Pure.
They include among others, mounting of a tank attached to the main building, final paintings, door's labeling, a permanent dust bin as well as unpaid workers.
Construction work at Vostochny has been dogged by scandals involving protests by unpaid workers and the arrests of officials accused of embezzlement.
UNPAID workers were put in the picture when Kirklees College held a photo exhibition to mark National Volunteers Week.
HUNDREDS of unpaid workers have gone so long without salaries that a volunteer group says it has run out of money to feed them.
And you, the president, didn't even notice." Unpaid workers demonstrate almost daily at some location in Iran.
Unpaid workers provided crucial community services to support women who had been raped.
It contains a number of limitations such as exclusion of a large number of informal workers like agricultural workers, construction workers and informal workers in the formal sector, ignorance of the working conditions of the informal workers and the special problems of the women workers including unpaid workers of household.
Majority of employed women are unpaid workers contributing in family works.