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In mountain birch leaves, cell wall unpalatability to insect herbivores is due in part to proanthocyanidins (Nurmi et al.
The unpalatability of redistribution and equality as social democratic aims owes more to Giddens' overriding concern to protect individual autonomy than a concern with the alleviation of social hardship.
The unpalatability of the classical alternative is instructive, for Rousseau's teaching on pride and vanity shares much of the spirit of its classical predecessor and thus might well prove similarly unpalatable.
At present, the best normative case for incommensurability seems to be the unpalatability of the opposing model, but however inevitable, this is not an entirely satisfactory state of affairs.
A more complete analysis of the lineage would clarify whether aggregation is an important character during the early evolution of the warning coloration, as has been suggested by experimental studies on how predators learn about unpalatability of prey (Alatalo and Mappes 1996).
Their unpalatability can often be attributed to chemical defenses (Lucas et al.
Cholestyramine an colestipol are bile acid sequestrants that are difficult to administer because of unpalatability, frequent side effects, and numerous drug interactions.
These three oils, termed "tropical fats," are used primarily because their excellent flavor masks the unpalatability of other oils used in foods.
There's more wrong with triage-based politics than unpalatability.
This study is the first to examine the precise mechanism underlying the unpalatability of pharmaceutical drugs and has shown that many of these drugs conduct their bad taste response through a specific taste-cell protein known as the TRPM5 ion channel.
Because of its unpalatability it is not grazed on by cattle.
For quantification of palatability of pellet, we used an Unpalatability index, ranging from 0 to 2, in which A was scored 0, IR was scored I, and ER was scored 2.