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Many actions are unpalatable but there are hard realities JIM WELLS BELFAST YESTERDAY
By including both pictures of palatable and unpalatable foods, the team was able to determine whether degree of "self-imposed" caloric deprivation correlated with hyper-responsivity of attention and reward regions for palatable versus unpalatable foods.
Coun Whitby (Harborne) replied that in a democratic country people had the right to protest, no matter how unpalatable their views, as long as they did it within the framework set by the law and police.
Then again, maybe we have to do it regularly for a while to see the benefits; Swamiji also says in his interview, "Whatever is pleasurable in the beginning is detrimental in the end; whatever is unpalatable in the beginning is pleasurable in the end.
Complaints about unhygienic and unpalatable food have come from doctors across all venues.
IN THE MARCH ISSUE of units, blogger Jonathan Saar examined some of the unpalatable tasks that maintenance techs must endure on the job, inspired by the hit reality TV show "Undercover Boss" (see p.
When recession hit, the higher price proved unpalatable - sales fell 39.
The real reason for the metatarsal malaise is one that clubs and the Premier League find too unpalatable to admit .
The study's unpalatable moths, members of the tiger moth family, pick up noxious chemicals from plants that they feed on as caterpillars.
Accept the unpalatable idea that Democrats, rightly or wrongly, are perceived as untrustworthy on national security.
In addition, the price tag attached to the tooling for a single replaced part is unpalatable.
Working with the local Department of Human Resources, they tackle small-scale projects that engage with the unpalatable, neglected margins of American society.