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Hatfield's displeasure; for Hatfield didn't like him, because he had too much influence with the common people, and because he was not sufficiently tractable and submissive to him--and for some other unpardonable sins, I don't know what.
Eben Wright said it must cost an awful lot to put in four years at Redmond; and I felt all over me that it was unpardonable of me to squander Marilla's money and my own on such a folly.
For all you know I may be an impostor, indulging an unpardonable curiosity.
It was in a village at the Great Slave Lake, that, in the course of resenting the evil of the hands of the man-animals, he came to modify the law that he had learned from Grey Beaver: namely, that the unpardonable crime was to bite one of the gods.
Wild as I believe your plans to be--you have not the slightest chance of succeeding in carrying them out--I admire your courage, your fidelity, your unshaken faith in my unhappy son, after his unpardonable behavior to you.
I am committing an intrusion, madam which must, I am afraid, appear unpardonable in your eyes," he said.
Her father worried so much over believing that he had committed the unpardonable sin that he died in the asylum.
It is really unpardonable that there are no lamps here; and it is as dirty as if one had to wade through a morass.
For any other combination of offences I would; but his were too unpardonable.
Such facts, however, as they occur in the thread of the story, nay, indeed, as they constitute the essential parts of it, the historian is not only justifiable in recording as they really happened, but indeed would be unpardonable should he omit or alter them.
This is thy most unpardonable obstinacy: thou hast the power, and thou wilt not rule.
I could scarcely share this view: holding desertion under arms for an unpardonable fault in honour.