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Bilawal said that innocent girls in Kasur and Mardan districts were being subjected to inhuman and worst atrocities by vultures, adding that silence of the rulers in two provinces was an unpardonable act.
New Delhi [India], September 5 ( ANI ): Katsuyuki Kawai, Special Advisor for Foreign Affairs to Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on Tuesday condemned the nuclear test conducted by North Korea on Sunday and dubbed it as 'unacceptable and unpardonable.
They added the MQM chief statement was unpardonable and he (Altaf) should be hanged publicly.
NNA - Deputy House Speaker, Farid Makari, told Voice of Lebanon radio on Saturday that the extension of Parliament's mandate is an unpardonable crime, calling for holding the legislative elections even if under current law.
Unpardonable In the army, this error is almost unpardonable -- close to sin.
The death of a child under any circumstances is unpardonable and we are extremely saddened by this incident," said UNICEF Representative Tomoo Hozumi in a press release.
The ministry also warned that the destruction of historic monuments in Palmyra city in Syria would be an act of unpardonable vandalism.
We'd consider their destruction as an unpardonable act of vandalism, encroachment on general human values and an insult to civilization.
For a first-world road economy, that's unpardonable.
He would have regarded that as an unpardonable extravagance.
Nathaniel Hawthorne's Preoccupation with Unpardonable Sin: The Dramatization of Ethical Action in His Short Stories.
Indescribable -- except to mention the author's position as professor of religion at Columbia, and that it contains some of the finest prose and photography you'll find anywhere -- consequently, we will now commit the unpardonable sin of stealing a line from the publisher's press materials: "This timely meditation gives pause in the midst of harried lives and turns attention toward what we usually overlook: night, silence, touch, grace, ghosts, water, earth, stones, bones, idleness, infinity, slowness, and contentment.