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Located on-strike from Pumpkin Hollow, Altan Nevada's Venus Project now consists of 208 unpatented mining claims covering approximately 4,169 acres (16.9 km-2), all situated on Bureau of Land Management (Federal) land.
The project is 100% controlled by Gatling and is comprised of patented and unpatented claims, leases and mining licenses of occupation within the McVittie and McGarry Townships.
* The Project comprises 264 unpatented mining claims and three patented claims, all of which are contiguous and cover a total area of 3,550 ha.
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced that it is adjusting its fees for the location (or staking) and maintenance of unpatented mining claims, mill sites, and tunnel sites.
The Property comprises 253 contiguous, unpatented mineral claims with an area of approximately 1,958.6 hectares (4,840 acres).
The Unity Mine is comprised of patented and unpatented mining claims covering over 5.7 square kilometres of the Warren Vein System.
Under apportionment, patent damages "must reflect the value attributable to the infringing features of the product, and no more." In this way, the value of an infringing product's unpatented features prevents the patent owner from unfairly collecting a royalty.
He said the reason they were not able to confiscate any CDs and DVDs was an indication that businesses were now aware of risks associated with selling unpatented disks.
The Idaho Cobalt Project is based on 243 contiguous unpatented lode mining claims in east-central Idaho, approximately 41.5 kilometers (km) west of the town of Salmon.
Even if it were possible to identify patentees with zero error, and a large fraction of exhibits were found to be unpatented, this does not imply that inventors were actively avoiding patents and the patent system.
According to the terms of the contract a total sale price of USD460,000 has to be paid at closing, Nevada Select will retain a 2.5 percent net smelter royalty (NSR) on 153 unpatented mining claims, and Gold Resource will receive Isabella property deeds at Closing, and will own 100 percent of all 153 claims.