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His comment was in reaction to allegations that former President John Dramani Mahama had shown videos of violent scenes of the Ayawaso Wuogon by-election to the diplomatic community in the country, for which the Senior Minister described the former president's action and conduct as unpatriotic.
Clinton slammed the GOP nominee for "taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he preferred the Russian president to our American president," which she called "unpatriotic and insulting." Kaine said the "irrational hostility toward President Obama, which started the very first day of his term from some of these people, is unpatriotic, and we've got to call it out."
The majority religion in the country has long been under alleged threat of being inundated by the growing 'unpatriotic' minority population.
Is it morally permissible to leave your home state or region for economic reasons--as the textile mills left New England for the South--but unpatriotic to leave the land of your birth?
June 24, 2014 (JUBA) -- A group of former South Sudanese political detainees have protested against the adjournment of peace talks, describing the decision as unpatriotic.
Now he accuses me (and all those like me) of being unpatriotic, because I do not want our lives controlled by some unelected foreign bureaucrats in Brussels.
Parliament public utilities and environment affairs committee chairman Hassan Al Dossary accused those responsible of being unpatriotic.
Sports fans are reportedly offended by the soft drink company's use of the patriotic song in eight different languages, calling it a 'disgrace' and 'unpatriotic'.
"I have been working with students, talking to them, performing with them and if anybody says that I am unpatriotic, then fine I am unpatriotic."
Today, the so-called gilded youth is incredibly unpatriotic. The officials care about their children too much sending them to study abroad.
Unsurprisingly, the unjustified stereotype that atheists are unpatriotic, disloyal, and un-American has continued to this day in large part because public schools across the country require the daily recitation of "under God" Used in the context of an exercise designed to instill patriotism and loyalty in schoolchildren, the "under God" language sends a strong message that true patriots believe in God and that nonbelievers are unpatriotic.
Furthermore, it is unpatriotic to choose an offshore company which would not pay any tax on profits and capital gains tax on any future sale of the property.