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While a God-believer can proudly say the Pledge of Allegiance, an atheist must choose to: (1) absent herself from the practice, thus alienating herself from her peers; (2) participate in the exercise that denigrates her beliefs; or (3) say a different pledge by omitting "under God;' which exposes that student and invariably makes her appear unpatriotic.
Mr Nutt's suggestions "to get me to be British", such as changing the wording of "our" national anthem, to include our Welsh heritage, of which I am extremely proud, would be totally meaningless to me, considering our history, and would be totally unpatriotic.
Following talks by a number of opposition figures with Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov, Jamil said "we represent patriotic opposition inside, while there is an unpatriotic opposition in Istanbul that calls for and works towards western interference in Syria.
Steve Cross, by email AFORGIVE me for being unpatriotic, but nobody's going to want an X-Type in Union Jack colours, not even Austin Powers.
He took one look at it, and said words to the effect 'you are not bringing that German car in here, its unpatriotic, leave it outside,' and he was not joking either.
Dear Editor, Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary, has described a Tory MEP as unpatriotic for criticising the NHS while in America.
Giving jobs to foreigners at a time like this goes to prove that our economy is still being run by a bunch of unpatriotic balm-pots.
According to the AP, Abbas told thousands during an Arafat memorial rally that Hamas is "divisive and unpatriotic.
Much has been made of the legions of fans turning out for the events, but I expect these people are terrified not to, in case they are seen as being unpatriotic or unsupportive.
of Maine) describes how Protestant missionaries were regarded as unpatriotic because they used indigenous languages to teach and preach.
No, I'm not talking about former Georgia Democratic Senator Zell Miller who blasted Democratic nominee John Kerry as downright unpatriotic in the last presidential election.