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Many Japanese individuals and local governments have a strong suspicion of US bases on their territory and I thought (rather unpatriotically, in retrospect) that we might be able to play off that sentiment to slow down the approval process.
They judged whether individuals had behaved unpatriotically through their association with the Germans.
However, as a lot of observers have stated, this Group also has the potential to behave unpatriotically, as it could transfer its capital overseas and allow another country to benefit from its earnings.
Deposed while abroad, he was accused by many of cowardice and of unpatriotically fleeing the country during a national crisis; his successor to the presidency called him a traitor.
In fact Phil even suggested that the pilot would not behave unpatriotically.
And, in the expectation that Robert Alner's flying grey will be allowed to dictate the pace I will, unpatriotically, side with The Listener to get the better of Mossbank.