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This is in accordance with the Cbfa1 pattern of expression on the microgrooved substrate areas compared to the unpatterned control regions.
Bedding in neutral spaces -- notably hospitals -- tends to be unpatterned (and it can't just be a matter of the laundry arrangements), where that used at home is virtually always patterned in some way.
Fall has come: unpatterned, in the shedding leaves.
Children need to be in unpatterned, unmanaged spaces, so their eyes can impose their own patterns.
Even phrases that seem unpatterned at first might be seen after further study to have underlying patterns.
We might also believe that the failure of members of subordinate groups to reach socially validated positions of power and prestige to which they are entitled will redound negatively on third parties, both within and outside the social group, in ways that unpatterned individual failure does not.
An individual can adopt any position along a continuum spanning the spectrum of unpatterned to structured.
Without them, each resource-allocation decision must be made in a vacuum, greatly stressing the system and its members because decisions will be contradictory, unpatterned, and disruptive.
Or she could study supermodel Helena Christensen, who looks feistily feminine in tough contemporary pink by choosing stark, structured, unpatterned clothes and keeping jewel-lery to a bare minimum.
76) Hegel's argument here is apparently reminiscent of a passage in the Enneads of Plotinus, who analogously argues for the immaterial character of Greek beauty: "Suppose two blocks of stone lying side by side: one is unpatterned, quite untouched by art; the other has been minutely wrought by the craftsman's hands into some statue of god or man, a Grace or a Muse, or if a human being, not a portrait but a creation which the sculptor's art has concentrated all loveliness.
It is also necessary to address whether features contain discrete charcoal distributions and, equally important, whether charcoal also accumulated in and around clusters of unpatterned stones (that is, clusters not identified as features).
If stairs are carpeted, use a plain, unpatterned carpet kept in good repair.