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The contrast between patterned and unpatterned manifestations may lead to the hypothesis that particular social formations may produce one or the other.
Note that transmission degrades at relatively high frequencies in both cases (patterned and unpatterned ground planes).
Equation (2) is an inhomogeneous differential equation, where the function V(R) is called the perturbed scattering potential of the patterned structure relative to the unpatterned stratified structure with the dielectric constant of [[epsilon].
Stuff considered as existentially alone would lack any pattern of distinctions; hence a universal unpatterned somethingness would be indistinguishable from a universal unpatterned nothingness.
Figure 2 (a-f) shows typical osteoblast morphology on "flat" unpatterned and microgrooved Ti substrata.
Multi-Sensory Multi-Sensory (2003) Stimulation Stimulation was not (provision of found to be more unpatterned visual, effective than auditory, olfactory, activity in changing and tactile stimuli) the behavior, mood compared to or cognition in the activities such as short or the long playing card games, term.
An unpatterned layer of active material 6 is provided on a carrier substrate 4 for example, an organosilane carrier substrate.
Either adult or larval stridulations would be easier to detect than unpatterned movement and feeding sounds because the occurrence of a pattern in the target signal enables unpatterned nontarget signals to be averaged out over time (Mankin et al.
Keep your eyes out for a colourful unpatterned sofa to go with your table - something like the Malaga corner unit would be an ideal contrast.
That Heyns, with such seeming effortlessness, is able to bring together this unpatterned universe in such a deliciously poised narrative pattern, playing god, yet showing his characters to be at the mercy not only of circumstance and history but also of themselves--despite every effort at mastery--is a tour de force.
The dorsal colouration was pinkish brown with scattered lighter buffy markings, while the ventral side was unpatterned and white.