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Third, despite the awareness of most economists and financial institutions that Greece needs significant debt relief because its current debt is unpayable, the Troika have nevertheless insisted on more austerity measures, including a fire-sale of assets and effectively, control of the Greek Central Bank and treasury.
Prolonging Greece's agony with a plan that maintains its eurozone membership but cripples it with unpayable debts and perpetual insolvency?
It is also financially noxious, because the proceeds will go toward servicing what even the IMF now admits is an unpayable debt.
ObamaCare, executive amnesty, and "climate change" policy (read destruction of access to affordable energy) will destroy still mote American jobs and pile on more unpayable debt that mortgages the future of our children.
In the United States, and most other countries, there are bankruptcy laws designed to allow for companies and individuals facing unpayable debt to make a new start.
Individuals with high IQs devised ways of packaging debt which resulted in unpayable mortgages being granted to people desperate for the chance to own their own homes.
Shall be sentenced to detention or to a fine, whoever draws in bad faith a cheque without sufficient funds or who, after giving the cheque withdraws all or part of the funds, so that the remaining balance is insufficient to cover the amount of the cheque, or gives an order to the drawee to stop payment, or deliberately writes or signs the cheque in such a manner as to make it unpayable.
We've just burrowed out of a recession brought on in no small part by self-styled financial wizards who devised algorithms that resulted in people getting unpayable mortgages that would drown both their dreams and many of our banks in toxic debt.
Bogras Company is a representative of Amarzakan Gold in Kyrgyzstan and engaged in production management of processing of tailings and unpayable ore of the Makmalzoloto plant located in Toguz-Toro district of Jalal-Abad region.
In America, we have an unpayable, crushing, growing $17 trillion national debt.
Even a few days' hold up can mean that they have to pay back much more than they borrowed, starting a cycle of borrowing that can end up a huge unpayable debt.
Moreover, Lehrer said the real problem isn't the flood-insurance program itself because the NFIP's $25 billion in unpayable debt "isn't a fiscal calamity in the context of a $3.