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208) This indicates that the entire use of common agency by MERS is in fact a sham that courts might disregard if properly challenged, with the result that MERS mortgages would be unperfected.
1 Priority between two unperfected security interests is determined by the order of attachment of the security interests.
The possibility of the DTF prevailing over an unperfected security interest presupposes that the New York tax lien is a judicial lien.
NetBank, which had not filed financing statements, was unperfected, and
According to Larry Highbloom, president of VINtek, 'The Dealer Monitoring Program reduces and prevents the accumulation of unperfected liens for auto finance lenders of all sizes.
The piece appeared in Arkansas Law Notes, which I don't ordinarily see, and it reads, in its entirety (if you ignore a Bob-Lanier-size footnote): "Once and for all, let's get this straight: unperfected does not mean unsecured.
Major newspapers have written about the collapse of the leadership, about the average US citizen losing his trust in the president and his administration and about an unperfected bailout plan that the president supporters, who brought this crisis on the Americans, the world and themselves, were eager to adopt.
If it did, its security interest would be deemed perfected and would be accorded a higher priority than if the security interest was attached, but unperfected.
For example, in chapter 1 of the ancient Daoist work The Journey to the North (Beiyou ji [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the Three Pure Ones tell the unperfected Xuantian Shangdi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] that he may find out about his true identity only by using "Heaven's Reflecting Mirror" (zhao tian jing [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) that reveals truths and falsehoods, good and evil in the past.
In woman's unperfected state, the male-female relationship is mediated by need.
If Clifford Leech is even half right in his theories of composition of this play, then we have all the more reason to think of it as, if not exactly unfinished in terms of narrative, at least uncorrected and unperfected.