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377) Delivery of an execution creates an unperfected lien against the taxpayer's personal property, but this execution lien would have been junior to all tax liens of the DTF.
Yet, there are circumstances in which the International Court of Justice has found it convenient to ascribe full legal value to a manifestly unperfected legal act.
Even if the court held that Imperial's lien against Avalon's copyrights in its software was unperfected, that is not the same as holding that Imperial's lien against the software was unperfected.
No libraries should pay vendors for unperfected and/or not yet adapted technology to deliver production services affecting all or most users.
Perhaps the point for Hodgkin is that, when artists are isolated from society, the only public to be found in a gallery is likely to be a friendly and knowledgeable one, willing to accept things even when they remain unperfected.
Some think it means the need to find something quite new; others to complete an unfinished, unperfected Enlightenment; yet others a rediscovery of what came before, of some supposed wholeness with the universe.
Paul Banks, in the opening essay of the book, "Mahler and the Ethics of Completing Unfinished Works of Art," writes: "In Cooke's view 'Mahler's music, even in it's [sic] unperfected and unelaborated state, is of such significance, strength and beauty, that it dwarfs into insignificance any uncertainties'" (p.
The rules are technical, and lenders can and do make mistakes, rendering the security interests unperfected.
The decrease in crystallinity is due to the fact that the noncrystallizable component EPDM inhibits the crystal growth of PP and thus leads to the formation of small and unperfected PP crystals.
Our religious imagery is full of unperfected ideas of lambs and doves and trees.
Included in the alleged acts of wrongdoing are a series of unperfected loans made by Halstead, at the defendants' direction, to a Tarricone family- owned company, A.
If the lender fails to file a continuation statement, the lender's security interest in the collateral covered by the financing statement generally will become unperfected.