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First, paragraph 15 states that a contract does not exist if each party has the unilateral enforceable right to terminate a wholly unperformed contract without compensating the other party or parties.
Jamie Cullum's exclusive set of previously unperformed material at Cheltenham Jazz Festival will be live-streamed to FACT's Picturehouse cinema Picture: YUI MOK
AbitibiBowater, Deschamps J held that even unperformed environmental
The symphony, violent and hysterical, was a personal outcry, no wonder it lay in his bottom drawer for decades, unperformed.
It includes many drafts, both in manuscript and typescript of unpublished and unperformed works.
2) This does not mean that Purcell's music went unperformed or unheard during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Of the twelve Patria works, only one remains entirely unperformed.
Her sons often received not too hard slaps on the head for unperformed or badly performed tasks, and often for things they didn't do.
She further describes the manuscript as an unperformed play, a pageant, a florilegium, and as "a variety of closet drama" (3).
Potential for growth is tremendous in a market where $60 billion dollars in services go unperformed every year.
In other words, the obligations of both the franchisor and the franchisee debtor are so far unperformed on the date of bankruptcy that the failure of either to complete performance would constitute a material breach excusing the performance of the other.