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One is so fenced and guarded from the weather, that not a breath of air can find its way unpermitted.
Technicians from the engineering department at the municipality began a probe into the incident, where they found that unpermitted construction was being carried out on the site in violation of the construction law No.
Hassan Hamamreh, mayor of Hosan, told WAFA an Israeli army force accompanied by bulldozers broke into the village and demolished two commercial structures that belong to Ishaq Shousha and Bajes Oudeh, two local Palestinians, citing unpermitted construction as a pretext for the demolition.
The Israeli authorities claimed the construction was unpermitted, a pretext that Israel frequently uses to legalize demolition of Palestinian homes.
A legally permitted vehicle breakers yard over-spilled onto unpermitted land at a disused Norfolk airfield leading to fines in court today.
On a different note, OCHA said that Israeli forces demolished 42 Palestinian-owned structures during the third week of August, all of which were located in area C, under full Israeli military control, citing the pretext of unpermitted construction.
Trash left by campers is a major reason the city clamps down on unpermitted homeless camps, he said.
It was about precedent, upholding worthy planing law and preventing the flood gates of unpermitted development opening up across the county.
Presently, there is a rampant use of unpermitted colorants and the misuse of permitted colors taking place in the Indian food processing industry.
He said that all water laws prohibiting illegal groundwater abstraction did not prevent violations in Sana'a basin groundwater through illegal and unpermitted drilling wells in the basin which its area is about 3,250 km2.
The licensed keeper of any unpermitted vehicle who contravenes a motoring regulation will receive a notice, including a PS70 penalty charge, as well as still images of the traffic violation.
District Court in Portland ends the year-old consolidated lawsuit by the conservation group Columbia Riverkeeper, which said the Corps violated the Clean Water Act with unmonitored, unpermitted oil discharges from the eight hydroelectric dams.