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The company's proprietary CellRaft Technology enables high-efficiency sorting and isolation of single cells under standard culture conditions resulting in unperturbed phenotypes and high viability.
New Delhi [India], Aug 12 ( ANI ): Actress Hima Shankar Sheematty, who made headlines with her comments that 'bed with acting' package exists in the cinema, on Saturday said she is unperturbed with the backlash she has been receiving after the revelation.
Unperturbed " If I get it, it is fine and if I don't get it also it is fine.
Summary: Hezbollah looked unperturbed Sunday after Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi condemned the party's continued involvement in Syria's 4-year-old civil war, saying Hezbollah was "on the road to suicide" and will "regret their decision to fight.
KARACHI -- The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has confirmed that the PakistanAfghanistan fixture in February will remain unperturbed despite an unfortunate attack on the Afghanistan coach in his home country.
Global Banking News-October 29, 2014--Myanmar's central bank unperturbed by low currency value
Unperturbed, France went on to win the game 3-0, but Sakho was unhappy with what he deemed "a lack of respect" at the gaffe.
She seemed unperturbed by the flub as she sang out "Let It Go," from the animated film "Frozen.
Frequently on the seat of his pants, he looked a forlorn, beaten figure as he mouthed his frustration towards an unperturbed referee Andy Haines.
The government would not fall though and Kejriwal appeared unperturbed saying it would not matter who is speaker of the assembly while interacting with media after cruising through the trust vote.
The Labour leader appeared unperturbed by the attack carrying on with his visit, chatting to shoppers and stallholders, after aides removed his stained jacket.
Among the topics are unperturbed laminar premixed flame, the phenomenology of premixed turbulent combustion, the influence of premixed combustion on turbulence, modeling premixed burning in turbulent flows, and partially premixed turbulent flames.