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Although the solution is continuous for t > 0, for a lot of schemes [12], including the scheme [S.sub.0] [4,5] and the QGD-scheme in [9], a significant unphysical local extremum of [epsilon] (an entropy wake) is observed for x = 0, which slowly decreases as N grows.
This requires formulation of unphysical conversion rates and stepwise fall velocities (i.e., changing from slowly falling ice/snow and to fast-falling graupel/hail) once ice mass is moved from one category to the other.
During some recent years appeared an interesting critical concept about model universes, which bases on the coordinate transformation of the proper time metrics, showing that the metrics of the R = ct universe (Mitra, 2014) as well as of several Friedmann-Robertson-Walker (FRW) metrics can be transformed to the flat and static Minkowski metric by complicated unphysical coordinate transformations.
There are several existing methods to achieve this filtering, but these methods often violate certain physical laws that the real system must obey, such as conservation of energy, and in many cases this produces unphysical results.
When the comparison is going to be made in the displacement domain, all SM data must be integrated, which might be problematic as the simple integration of the accelerogram may produce unphysical velocity and displacement waveforms (Melgar et al., 2013).
Thus, the effectivity of the two-mesh estimator is influenced by the unphysical oscillations or numerical diffusion occurring in the solution on the h mesh and the h/2 mesh.
Because of the unphysical behavior of viscoelastic models, for example, the non-zero initial force at the beginning and end of the collision, hysteretic models have attracted more attentions in this field [3-6].
Absorbing boundary conditions (ABCs) based on one-way wave equations [26, 27] are used to analytically absorb incoming waves at the computational boundaries and simulate propagation towards infinity to prevent unphysical backscattered waves from polluting the numerical results.
It shall be noticed that, in the form above, (2) may lead to unphysical results.
Therefore, one may conclude that the event horizon is unphysical [24].
The Kohn-Sham dynamics, as formulated in the previous sections, does not take the dynamics of the electrons into account despite the fact that it is present: an unattractive unphysical feature.
model [40] in Code_Aster which represents the effect of fibre orientation in the tissues and made some developments to overcome unphysical behaviour which may occur with this material model [81].