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These glitches are caused by the unpinning and displacement of vortices that connect the crust with the mixture of particles containing superfluid neutrons beneath the crust.
The smallest glitch is likely to be caused by the unpinning and movement of billions of vortices.
She feigned a defensive response, then decided to show viewers some of the tricks TV personalities employ to look good, unpinning and pulling out a hairpiece boosting her own sandy blond layers.
ECOS works in conjunction with the Twinlock system and automatically controls unpinning and extension of the boom sections to the selected boom configuration.
The other memory will be of Sir John unpinning his television studio microphone and stalking off the set because he became angry with the interviewer Robin Day's line of questioning.
Lost in recent permutations of this debate is Davidsons "revisionist emphasis on gender," which Stem brings back into the equation; she does so by unpinning gendered discourse from the sex of the author.
The ambiguity inherent in that fantasy of unpinning suggests not only the male desire, but also the very real potential of a female "wildness"that desires release.
In my groggy state, I had strapped in without unpinning the ejection seat.
One of the key unpinning technologies in the new approach is the use of prognostics to enable predictive maintenance planning.
Stitch approximately 6" of each seam at a time, unpinning and removing the pattern paper in small sections at a time in order to use it as a reference for constructing the skirt pieces in the correct order.
Appliances should not only look good, they need to have meaningful high tech functionality an emotional appeal yet with a strong rational unpinning, Ong said.