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In other words, just as men (with all their human potential to be kind) were trained to squelch pity in order to be "masculine," so too women strove to be as "good" as (as bad as) unpitying men.
The outcome of Tehran's messing with Iraq now brings GCC states with a new danger - the rise of new and unpitying form of terrorism.
Thus, in Something Cloudy, Something Clear, the unpitying resolve and clarity of vision that are required for survival are juxtaposed with the damage done by strong people to the confused, beautiful dreamers who lack the latter's will power--that is, to the "weak, beautiful people who give up with such grace" described by Maggie Pollitt, among whom she includes her husband, Brick, in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955).
This marks the star's second Emmy nom for the juicy recurring role of Leona Lansing, the unpitying boss of the cable news network, and a character wisely used sparingly by show creator Aaron Sorkin.
Like poet James Wright, Rosenthal "goes/ Back to the broken ground" of the self and finds a stranger there trapped in the cosmology of an endless, unpitying desert.
Its modern conquerors are as unpitying as its ancient ones.
The gun has become a potent symbol of the unpitying violence that exists in some parts of our city.
It is the calculus of an unpitying absolutist: There is provocation, demanding a crushing response.
The various tricks of the marriage market are enumerated with a bold, unpitying crudity.
For too many months of 2004 the world saw the warlike, unpitying face of America, caught up in a conflict it should never have started.