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This result also appeared in the free viewing time task, with participants spending longer times for pleasant and unpleasant pictures than for neutral ones.
Our brains do that, Fine explains, to protect our egos from unpleasant truths or to maintain a sense of control and continuity in an otherwise unpredictable world.
Unpleasant odors, such as those of urine and ammonia, can trigger feelings offear and anxiety, but appealing fragrances, such as spiced apple and strawberry, have been shown to reduce stress.
I would think most of Boxing Day will be quite unpleasant.
The human mind is biased toward happiness for two reasons: first, pleasant events generally outnumber unpleasant ones because people tend to seek out positive experiences and avoid negative experiences; and second, pleasant emotions fade more slowly from our memories than unpleasant ones (Rev.
Estrogen does give relief from hot flashes, the most immediate and often the most unpleasant symptom of the onset of menopause, lit also alleviates vaginal dryness and relieves depression, the second and third most unpleasant symptoms.
When ozone comes in contact with carpets, unpleasant odors arise that differ from "new carpet smell.
During processing, there is no unpleasant odor from peroxides and no curing inhibition due to oxygen.
A train driver sacked for refusing to work was 'surly, unpleasant and aggressive', a tribunal was told yesterday.
The results indicated that premier expression occurred in the first 300 ms after stimulus onset while responding to unpleasant stimuli in the corrugator supercilii muscle and was strongly correlated to the event-related potential (ERP) reflecting the initial affective processing (Zhu & Suzuki, 2017, in press).
An official of the local administration told Dawn here the other day that the ban on motorcycle riding was part of the security measures to prevent any unpleasant incident in the agency.
KARACHI -- Inspector General of Police Sindh (IGP) AD Khwaja has expressed serious concern at the recent unpleasant incidents of use of force between protesters and local police in Karachi.