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The systematic understanding of human as three-dimensional beings with individual thinking manner, interests, needs and pleasing and unpleasing attractors is the priority task of the management science.
Vyas further said the girls should be given self-training so that they are able to deal firmly and boldly with such unpleasing incidents taking place.
disrupt mildly unpleasing performances or to violently drive off those
The result was an unpleasing streetscape with well maintained buildings standing side-by-side with empty lots and structures in disarray.
Past offerings have been bulky claw type apparatuses unpleasing to the eye and highly ineffective.
Needless to say, she remains ready to change those plans on the instant, and must soon do so in light of further unpleasing developments.
It penetrates into fabrics and deodorises unpleasing smell imbedded in clothes like tobacco odour.
Technical adjustments are aesthetically unpleasing changes to focus, exposure and composition made by the camera operator in order to improve the overall quality of the following shot or to compensate for changes in lighting and subject position that have occurred while filming.
That Gaddafi had led a life unpleasing to his Allah is indisputable.
Another unpleasing part is having to come in and do the paperwork, the logistics part of it.
Especially members of ATAKA Party give big harm and make unpleasing acts with their statements and actions, added Arinc during a meeting in Bulgarian Mestanli Culture & Solidarity Association in the northwestern province of Bursa on Sunday.
The aesthetic was not unpleasing but, given the fact that a good proportion of the action wasn't even observable, what was the function of this intriguing imbroglio of styles?