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Taking life involves a person's life being shortened; lying involves a person's being slandered; backbiting involves the breaking of friendships; rude speech involves "unpleasing noise"; frivolous talk indeed involves irrelevant communication --but it is the supernatural results to the speaker that matter.
Cambridge University Press has done a great service to the memory of a much maligned figure who, among other distinctions, was the Chancellor of his old University, a post which he noted, made up 'for much that is unpleasing in the foul weather of politics'.
For it is a very old critical discovery that the imitation in art of unpleasing objects may be a pleasing imitation.
It is not unpleasing to listen to his account of the wonders he had seen in England.
It does not try to prove all black or all white as it wishes, but lays on the intermediate colours, (and most of them not unpleasing ones,) as it finds them blended with "the web of our life, which is of a mingled yam, good and ill together." It inquires what human life is and has been, to shew what it ought to be.
In fact, anyone who paid money to watch that deserves a refund.' Poor and unpleasing performance though it was, and indebted though Blues were to Taylor, it was still hats off to Bruce's determined team for having the character to come away with a point, and extend their unbeaten run to five games.
This time round, he finds he does at least prefer the originals to their copies, though 'the Old Masters were still unpleasing to me' (p.
"I find them aesthetically highly unpleasing." So did, and do, many racing professionals.
This he has attempted, but without success; his interrupted lines are unpleasing, and his sense as less distinct is less striking.
Victor DeRenzi conducted with passion and propulsion, Michael Scarola's direction made as much sense as possible out of the unwieldy, nine-scene work and David Gordon's sets were not unpleasing. Tamara Wright (Leonora) sang with purity and beauty in a secure, expressive tone that easily encompassed the range.
They are certainly not unpleasing, composed of heavily outlined circles that have the look of polychrome onion slices, meant to be trees, set against houses very much in the architectural spirit of Hundertwasser's public projects.
Likewise take a voice being never so good, and cause it sing above the naturall reach it will make an unpleasing and sweete noise, displeasing both the singer because of the straining, and the hearer because of the wildenes of the sound.(18)