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During the visit the Deputy Commissioner Larkana said that ulemas of both sects should come forward to promote harmony and tolerance and urged people to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies to avoid any unpleasing incident during Muharram-ul-Harram days.
A chronic gum-chewer's jaw line can become larger and aesthetically unpleasing through time.
He held that nerimo found practical expression in the inviting of neighbours to a slametan and the involving of them in the preparation of the food and the hosting of guests, and found its ultimate expression in the unpleasing task of washing a deceased relative for burial.
Clutter makes for a less relaxing atmosphere and is unpleasing to the eye.
Such practice causes well-founded suspicions that it would be used by external forces, able to render hidden pressure on courts with the aim of removal unpleasing state leaders from the political stage and internal political transformation of 'disturbing' countries.
A poor marginal design or one that is not prepared well may be a source of plaque accumulation, other than being esthetically unpleasing.
So, like Childe Harold, glum, unpleasing, he stalked the drawing-rooms, [.
The Buddha himself would state only those things that are true and beneficial, and would have a sense of time for when pleasing and unpleasing things should be said.
Since working in any organization has its own problems and may lead to frustration, individuals with high emotional intelligence know that the organization is not responsible for their unpleasing feelings.
Thus thwarted to a large extent, he finds himself tortured by the feeling that his artistic aim and its realization are rarely in harmony, but follow each other like harsh, unpleasing vibrations of different instruments, at intervals which can only jar.
the truth, would find not unpleasing the prospect of a civic welcome--an