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Always shut off or unplug holiday decorations before leaving home or going to bed.
The new Unplug and Reconnect app, like no other app available on the Android market, makes it easy to schedule a 'phone vacation' or an unplugging and reconnecting event anytime you want," said Dr.
The app is available in the Android Marketplace or at Unplug and Reconnect (http://unplugreconnect.
For those who do not know what to do when they unplug, Reboot has created TheUNDO list, a free service through which subscribers will receive ideas for conversation topics, readings, local outings and creative endeavors.
U&R also offers a Personal Declaration of Independence for each person to review and print, with a checklist of resolutions to Unplug & Reconnect not only for the holiday, but in their daily lives.
This rebate is a strong incentive for residents to voluntarily unplug and expands on the ordinances the District has adopted and outreach we've conducted over the past three years to help protect the Santa Clara River.
People are craving a discrete, sanctioned moment in time to unplug from technology.
The 1200 lumen, XGA projector is the first to feature the newly patented Unplug & Go function and a new Iris Lens Cover design.
NDU, which runs sundown Friday, March 4 to sundown on Saturday, March 5, encourages people of all backgrounds to unplug, re-embrace a day of rest, and revitalize Shabbat with a modern twist by connecting to traditional rituals in new ways.