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This "CEO Unplugged -- On Location" luncheon gives you the opportunity to learn what makes this CEO successful as a leader in his industry.
The Alhamra Unplugged Season 2 orientation session introduced a fresh batch of 65 singers in January this year and instrumentalists who also signed contracts with the Lahore Arts Council at the introductory event.
The Esra Sultan is set to depart Lebanon within a few days of it being unplugged from the grid after its three-month tenure In Lebanon expired last week.
Their unplugged gig, though, was something to shout about.
With so many elements missing of what makes a Biffy Clyro show so memorable, the potential for them to fall flat on their faces with this Unplugged set was vast.
Recovery Unplugged will also be producing a video illustrating the treatment experience at our organization, and the multiple ways our clients have found their way to lasting recovery through music.
A set of 27 unplugged recreations of classic Hindi songs have been chosen.
Alhamra Unplugged is a musical platform for young talented Vocalists and Musicians.
Now in "Sports Business Unplugged: Leadership Challenges from the World of Sports", fifty of their most recent columns are collected in one volume, providing thoughtful and deeply knowledgeable insight into many of the sport industry's most contentious issues.
The new service is said to be called Unplugged and is primarily aimed at consumers who want a low-cost option for watching traditional television programming.
The service, Unplugged, would allow customers to stream cable TV channel bundles online.
Portraiture Unplugged: Natural Light Photography offers a basic guide to working with natural light and creating marketable results, from locating scenes that suit portraiture to producing exceptional, artistic results from relatively simple tools and approaches.