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George Orwell, on the other hand, whose 1984 resembles Unplugging Philco in its depictions of thought police and pervasive censorship, would have angrily disputed such complacence.
C[pounds sterling]I definitely recommend going from room to room and methodically turning off and unplugging appliances that will not be in use while you are away,C[yen] said Anamika Priyadarshi, Retail and Marketing Manager for Better Life.
The benefit Dave sees in unplugging is "reconnecting," he says.
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The Unplug application on Facebook features the GreenX[TM] Calculator, which calculates carbon pollution reduction and helps users see their positive impact in terms of taking cars off the road and/or miles not driven by simply unplugging appliances.
On this 40th celebration of Earth Day, we call on everyone who cares about climate change to make a difference at home by simply unplugging unused plugs to save electricity.
The new Agilent devices offer extended operating temperature and voltage specifications, and include a new de-latch mechanism that eases the process of unplugging the transceiver.
Two individual device connectors on each side of the hub are spaced so that users can easily grip the ends of the connections while plugging and unplugging their various USB peripherals.
Platt also performed a ceremonial unplugging of the water-cooled, monolithic machine in the Palo Alto data center.
The HBB Solution enables a trader or group of traders to be reconfigured within moments with no more effort than unplugging a toaster and replugging it at the new location.