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She explores the impact of unplugging in her Emmy-nominated show "The Future Starts Here," which investigates what it means to be human in an increasingly connected world.
George Orwell, on the other hand, whose 1984 resembles Unplugging Philco in its depictions of thought police and pervasive censorship, would have angrily disputed such complacence.
The benefit Dave sees in unplugging is "reconnecting," he says.
Reboot, a national group of artists, conceived of the National Day of Unplugging five years ago to encourage hyper-connected people to ritualize a day of rest.
On this 40th celebration of Earth Day, we call on everyone who cares about climate change to make a difference at home by simply unplugging unused plugs to save electricity.
In its fifth year, the National Day of Unplugging is more than a day - it's become an international movement and a chance for individuals and families to pause and make a conscious choice to connect with the world around them," said Reboot Executive Director Robin Kramer.
The "I UNPLUG TO _____" campaign invites people to share their commitment to unplugging by posting photos of what they will do when not using technology to www.
The new Unplug and Reconnect app, like no other app available on the Android market, makes it easy to schedule a 'phone vacation' or an unplugging and reconnecting event anytime you want," said Dr.
The National Day of Unplugging gives people a much needed respite from the technological tsunami and a sanctioned time to disconnect.
The $8 million in yearly maintenance savings generated by this unplugging alone can be well spent preparing our people and infrastructure for a future of virtual offices and knowledge networks," said Robert P.
Joseph Geliebter, clinical psychologist and founder of Unplugging and Reconnecting(TM).
NEW YORK, June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- This 4th of July 2011, Unplugging and Reconnecting(TM) (U&R) has posted its interactive Declaration of Independence from Technology for all to sign and share.