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Seemingly unpoetic terms clash against elaborate rhythms, with the disturbing modernity of the theme emphasized by the very metric precision.
EB You stockpile overheard pentameters (and now I'd like to introduce to you, The Yanks are leading Boston five to three), and you sample diction from a wide range of domains like fashion and finance, but why seek music in such unpoetic sources?
In a gray, unpoetic suburb of Paris, undocumented African refugee Clovis Nzilla wakes in the arms of his lover, Christelle, a French woman whom he has known for less than forty-eight hours.
It was so dull, so unpoetic. My father also read the newspaper and a big part of my childhood was the news on TV.
Mexican ritual and its panoply of affective investments contrast with unpoetic gringo pragmatism.
For the series "Hidden Poems," 2010-12, for example, she marked letters and syllables that, when read sequentially, produced a particular poem; the photographs reveal otherwise invisible poetic (sub)texts within unpoetic textual and visual contexts.
Ezra Pound, excelente traductor ademas de poeta, defendia la primacia de la recreacion poetica sobre la mera traduccion mecanica: "There must be of course a plain literal version somewhere available, with explanations and notes, however tiresome and unpoetic. There should also be the best available translation of poetic values, in whatever European language this may have been attained" (Pound, 1939, p.
Using poetry as a tool to fight oppression, the poet intends these direct short poems with their unpoetic language chosen to shock, to render in the reader a nauseous response towards the absurdity of wars or injustice.
The novel advances the hypothesis that, in order to "save" himself from the unpoetic world of adulthood, Sergio had to die young.
(21) As Victor Grassmann (1966, 88-9) notes, the diction here combines high poetic expressions with unpoetic vocabulary, incorporating language from the street and the barnyard.
Perhaps it is because these recovered works tend toward the editorial, interesting as often as not for how un-Whitmanian, even unpoetic, they can be.