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At ten o'clock I got him and his correspondence into the motor, and he had the decency to ask whether he had been unpolished over-night.
He was glad to find himself outside that drawing-room, breathing raw fog, and in contact with unpolished people who only wanted their share of the pavement allowed them.
These two ignorant and unpolished people had guided themselves so far on in their journey of life, by a religious sense of duty and desire to do right.
"It is well," cried Edward, still speaking in French: for, though he could understand English, he had never learned to express himself in so barbarous and unpolished a tongue.
The flooring, of diagonally set narrow boards, was uncarpeted and unpolished. The ceiling was adorned with frescoes, which at once excited Sir Charles's interest, and he noted with indignation that a large portion of the painting at the northern end had been destroyed and some glass roofing inserted.
Plain and unpolished as it was, it had a something dignified and noble in it, which nothing but the soul of generous honour dwelling in the man could have imparted.
Category two covers single jewellery, inbuilt and unpolished stones made in traditional ways.
Ashok said the object looked like a rock but it glitters more than an unpolished stone. 
On my bedside table sits an unpolished amethyst bought from a street vendor who told me that it would promote mindfulness, while also countering negative energy.
Summary: Hailakandi (Assam) [India], Jun 26 (ANI): Assam Rifles on Tuesday arrested two women and seized 1,667 gram unpolished diamond worth Rs 10 crore from their possession here in Hailakandi district, police said.
And don't even get me started on my feet, they were unpedicured, unpolished and just generally not ready for any type of sandal exposure.
Filling or non-filling of fine structures on a workpiece takes a long time on the unpolished. The risk of default is high.