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You recollect that first night, when I was so unpolite and inky?
Pickwick, who was considerably mystified by this very unpolite by-play--'will you allow me to ask you, Sir, whether that person belongs to your party?'
In the mean time a stray personage of a meek demeanour, who had wandered to the hearthrug and got among the heads of tribes assembled there in conference with Mr Podsnap, eliminated Mr Podsnap's flush and flourish by a highly unpolite remark; no less than a reference to the circumstance that some half-dozen people had lately died in the streets, of starvation.
Here, she purposefully undersells the stakes of her work using eighteenth-century conventions of simulated feminine humility: "Novelty may recommend it to the Ladies," she writes, "and if I am happy enough to gain the Opinion of my own Sex, the Gentlemen are seldom so unpolite as to disapprove of what the Ladies have received into their Favour" (ii).
He is tolerably conversant, and far from being unpolite."