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"The contract tells you that you'll get booed, that it's an unpopularity contest, that you'll probably struggle to get a job afterwards and that you're unlikely to make any money out of it.
Zuma's increasing unpopularity among South Africans may have hurt the ANC in local elections in 2016, and this may not be a risk some in the party will be willing to take in 2019.
A distinctive finding of our model is that contributions are always increasing in a given industry's relative unpopularity. Intuitively, an interest group that suffers a decline in popularity will face higher costs of obtaining policy favors.
Robredo's virtues-her humility and compassion for the poor-have not been highlighted because they are covered by Roxas' unpopularity.
But his unpopularity with some sections of the fans has been persistent and he came close to losing his job at the end of last season.
(http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/552336/20140514/budget-2014-treasurer-joe-hockey-acknowledges-unpopularity.htm#.) Budget 2014: Treasurer Joe Hockey Acknowledges Unpopularity of 1st Coalition Budget, Which Includes 16,000 Job Cuts & Deficit Tax
Citi s chief economist Willem Buiter said, the nation should be prepared to risk short term unpopularity in Europefor the long term economic gains of winning back 60 billion to 30 billion for taxpayers.
In spite of Michael Gove's unpopularity, it would be hard to make the case for lower standards in education.
In a documentary about his 10-year tenure, Swansea-born Dr Rowan Williams, right, has revealed how "risking unpopularity" and "taking the flak" comes with the territory.
The public plea from Edelstein comes as Israel faces increasing unpopularity in the eyes of the international community.
Facing increasing unpopularity, it looks like he felt he needed to throw some crumbs in the direction of the general public.
Lievremont, though, says England's unpopularity invokes a siege mentality which makes them difficult to beat.