unpossessed of

See: devoid
References in classic literature ?
It was a small bit of pork suspended from the kettle-hanger by a string passed through a large door-key, in a way known to primitive housekeepers unpossessed of jacks.
Unpossessed of conscience or moral instinct, you might have mastered the world, broken it to your hand.
"I heard there by chance, yesterday morning," said Wemmick, "that a certain person not altogether of uncolonial pursuits, and not unpossessed of portable property - I don't know who it may really be - we won't name this person--"
A listless golden eagle, drab in immature winter molt, stared through the cold at a bald eagle, also immature, the explanation read, "unpossessed of its white head feathers, its crowning glory." The birds reminded Wallace of the "national decline" he kept reading about, or the way the dollar kept slipping against foreign currency.
Conde remarks that she is "a bad reader" (7), that all books are biographical (11), or that she feels no solidarity with Antillean writers (17); she elsewhere holds that there is no orality in writing and that the term "Francophone" holds no appeal for her (18), that she is unpossessed of any "theoretical constructs" (21) and that the US is a "fabulous space of freedom" (22).