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The inhibition of the unpracticed items during the retrieval practice phase impairs the subsequent recall of these exemplars during the final recall (Storm, Bjork, Bjork, & Nestojko, 2006).
Knowledge is a habit of mind, and habits that are unpracticed are lost.
It may be hypothesized that veterans who have at least projected confidence in their previous poor responses now attempt to present unpracticed information in an unconfident manner.
In an attempt to educate the next generation of Army leaders in these unpracticed tasks, MCCC instructors found simulations to be an irreplaceable tool to help students visualize the necessary synchronization and complexities of combined arms operations.
The broader practical solution comes down to an obvious, but often unpracticed, suggestion.
Ronn Torossian, the New York-based founder of 5WPR and public relations guru, is not unpracticed at expressing distinctly right-wing views of the Israeli-Palestinian situation.
This study examines whether the group of children receiving the "experimental subtraction-as-addition" training outperform the "control" group, which received training on a different reasoning strategy involving 8s or 9s, on both practiced and unpracticed subtraction combinations and (2) a group that receiving "unstructured subtraction practice" on at least the unpracticed subtraction items.
Unlike Mozart and Wagner, Beethoven didn't produce much music for the stage, which offers narrative and direction that keep music scholars busy and provide enjoyable distractions for unpracticed audiences.
Professionals in growing economies, from Brazil to China, had to deal with new technologies, international competition and cultures unpracticed in modern business.
King (1991b) found that ninth graders who used self-questioning to review had greater history lecture comprehension than students who used discussion groups and students who used independent study sessions on both practiced and unpracticed lecture material.
Given how unpracticed most pilots are at missed approaches, attempting it with an engine shut down is asking for trouble.
The latter's piano playing is clearly coded as Southern, both in its origin and in its improvisational, unpracticed delivery, and it seems fair to say that Jim's narrative--unpracticed and unarranged as he claims it to be, and replete as it is with allusions to his old world--takes part in this sense of Southernness.