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I have an utterly unpraiseworthy, antediluvian attitude to all these things.
If in the past, out of strong love, she had retrieved the brand and Meleager's life from the flames, she now perceives them as part of "some four-foot plague" with which the unpraiseworthy gods harry the land (l.
24) With rhetorical skill, praising the unpraiseworthy, Ritter attributes the notorious difficulty of learning German to one of its virtues, its purity: it is because the other languages of Europe are mixed, and therefore more similar to one another, that they appear easier to learn.
Purged of beauty, democracy then becomes an instrument of popular self-repression, the movement of a people towards the low and unpraiseworthy.
But then storm of the German calamity fell upon us, and disturbed all of these, in my opinion not at all unpraiseworthy, endeavors, and frustrated my whole Christianopolis.