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Hence, unprecise and low effort measurements can result to bad results.
Moreover, this very subjective consideration does not match the basic idea of IP law as it is unprecise and would then be evaluated differently in every single case.
picta was described from as many as four syntypes, two each in NHMW and BMNH, since the author only quoted a holotype in NHMW and provided the very unprecise data "Coll.
The traditional formulation of the Golden Rule, "do to others as you would have them do to you," "is obviously unprecise," Henry Sidgwick observed, "for one might wish for another's co-operation in sin, and be willing to reciprocate it.
The drat of the Tax Code has many ambiguous and unprecise definitions and uses incorrect terminology in some places.
v] = o (we are quite unprecise here: our notation should keep track of the gluing application, which is implicit there, to keep things lighter).
354) are too unprecise, and also they did not give any account of the most frequent 'not enough information' answer.
What particularly embitters us shareholders is that after the high losses, you still make this unprecise outlook statement, even though you have given some indication of first quarter results, albeit also in an unprecise fashion,' said Joerg Pluta of the German Association for Securities Ownership.
Because the credit-granting decision depends on different points from loan officers, we employ a contingent fuzzy approach to quantify the uncertain or unprecise statements.
The changing nature and meanings, the unprecise definition of its object of study, and contemporary theoretical revolutions, make of this field of study a contested terrain.
Also accept the fact that the next 10 years are going to present extreme social turbulence in all developed countries for a very simple reason: We are facing totally unprecise demographics.
Altogether, our results demonstrate that radioimmunoreactivity for digoxin in biological fluids is not a simple interference with substances of an unprecise nature, but is essentially due to the presence of the substance we isolated and that this substance is an effective inhibitor of [Na.