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The sudden emergence of E13 as a prominent enterovirus associated with viral meningitis in many countries, including Brazil, demonstrates the potential of enteroviruses to circulate widely and to unpredictably cause diseases, which underscores the continued need for enterovirus surveillance.
The Inconel is subtly iridescent, its distinctive sheen seeming to appear and disappear unpredictably.
Sand tracks can vary unpredictably in certain weather conditions.
The Agriculture Ministry warned visitors not to approach the attraction, saying it might rise unpredictably and spew toxic fumes.
Further, each person they encounter is similarly unpredictably eccentric.
RETAILERS cited successive interest rate rises and August's unpredictably wet weather for the slowest sales performance since March 2003, reported in the CBI's latest quarterly Distributive Trades Survey.
We agree with Lange's view that workers likely had intermittent exposures to asbestos that would have arisen unpredictably when, for example, they picked up a steel beam or turned over rubble and liberated asbestos fibers into the air.
End-products with low conformance quality can fail unpredictably and disappoint many customers or possibly cause unsafe conditions.
Being in development myself, I know what happens to pumping and drainage systems and the absolute unpredictably of water flows and rock formation," says Belanger, who served as a past chair on the former Crown-run Northern Ontario Development Corp.
But we psychotics live at the mercy of changes in our brain chemistry, which can quite unpredictably zing us right out of gear--and may be connected to a change in the weather or diet or to exceptional events or to simple unavoidable everyday stress.
Because these anxiety attacks can appear spontaneously and unpredictably, they often create a companion state in which the patient continually worries about when the next attack will occur.
Catastrophes like the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center make IT consulting companies like Annapolis Junction, Maryland-based Scientific & Engineering Solutions (SES) a necessity in this new and unpredictably violent world.