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They describe an approach that takes change--often unpredicted change--as the guiding principle.
He said seven million people were affected in floods due to unpredicted rains in August and September affecting 23 districts of Sindh and some districts of Balochistan.
He said that it is very unfortunate that due to unpredicted policies of the rulers, the society has reached to such cut-off point, where the sovereignty of the country has enslaved to the personal interests.
But a few times a minute, our predictions come out wrong and then we perceive a break in the stream of consciousness, accompanied by an uptick in activity of primitive parts of the brain involved with the MDS that regulate attention and adaptation to unpredicted changes," he added.
The Director of the Transmission System Operator (TSO), Christos Christodoulides told the CNA that power cuts are not likely to happen, as was the case in the past three days, provided that no unpredicted breakdowns occur and weather temperatures remain moderate.
The Railway project is part of the country's five-year transformation plan, designed by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's government along with the unpredicted expansion of infrastructure, and a boost to 10,000MW of country's power production from the current, which stands at about 2,000MW.
Indeed, the success of Paranjpe's middleof- the- road comedy was as unpredicted as Baswani's acceptance as a film comedian.
But when the hostage situation takes an unpredicted turn, the two women realise something secret, dark and devastating is going on behind the scenes.
The unpredicted rain squall, which swept down from Mount Wellington 20 minutes after the start of the 18 nautical mile race around the harbour, almost immediately forced 14 of the 47 starters to retire, including last year's winner, the Farr 40 Voodoo Chile, and the other Farr 40s in the fleet.
A club statement read: "Despite making every effort to stage tonight's match against Bolton Wanderers, the sudden and unpredicted adverse change in weather conditions in the Highbury area has left us no choice but to postpone the fixture.
Moreover, we intend to maintain our strong reputation in satisfying the security needs of individuals and businesses by helping them manage their everyday risks, recover from unpredicted events, and reach their goals and aspirations,' he added.
The report estimates another 10 million people would be without employer-sponsored insurance by 2010 unless the economy makes an unpredicted swift rebound or there is large-scale health reform.