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It acknowledges the risk of disobeying an order but argues that by saying "no", the pilots will do a service to their country as a potential strike against Iran threatens to trigger unpredicted consequences for Israel: retaliatory attack, destabilization in the region, economic turmoil, dispersal of radioactive materials or even war crime charges against officers who decide to carry out the bombing.
The Royal Oman Police (ROP) urges all drivers to exercise caution and beware of roads' unpredicted occurrences to avoid such accidents.
They describe an approach that takes change--often unpredicted change--as the guiding principle.
He said seven million people were affected in floods due to unpredicted rains in August and September affecting 23 districts of Sindh and some districts of Balochistan.
Wind rises brisk, brusque, to gale force driving horizontal rain under the eaves to appear as stains on the upper walls above windows shut tight in a stoic stay against this unpredicted storm's might.
He said that it is very unfortunate that due to unpredicted policies of the rulers, the society has reached to such cut-off point, where the sovereignty of the country has enslaved to the personal interests.
The Director of the Transmission System Operator (TSO), Christos Christodoulides told the CNA that power cuts are not likely to happen, as was the case in the past three days, provided that no unpredicted breakdowns occur and weather temperatures remain moderate.
Such is the West's dependence on Russian energy sources, that any instability or unpredicted change in the country would shake the confidence of those dependent nations.
With the Final 8 round nearing its climax, Champville suffered a huge and unpredicted blow, as their American duo, Youngblood and Larry Cox, were suspended for the rest of the season after being tested positive in doping tests.
The combination of Brocade ServerIron ADX application delivery controllers (ADC) and Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000 appliances enables service providers to reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 50% on web traffic and to create a buffer to defend their network against unpredicted traffic spikes that can occur with certain web events or with increases in demand for popular content.
The Railway project is part of the country's five-year transformation plan, designed by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's government along with the unpredicted expansion of infrastructure, and a boost to 10,000MW of country's power production from the current, which stands at about 2,000MW.
Indeed, the success of Paranjpe's middleof- the- road comedy was as unpredicted as Baswani's acceptance as a film comedian.