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A Doha court ruled that the man was guilty of unpremeditated killing.
Kean's style of acting" was "throughout elaborate and systematic" and "not in the least of the unpremeditated, improvisatori kind.
In early 2012, after years of legal proceedings, all the Marine Corps had to show for its immense prosecutorial efforts was one conviction for one Marine who pled guilty to one specification of negligent dereliction of duty after initially being charged with 18 specifications of unpremeditated murder.
World health organization defined accidents as "an unpremeditated event resulting in recognizable damage".
Mr Walker said: "It was a single unpremeditated assault with a history of some provocation, of comments made and insults thrown.
Agency can initiate social innovations and emergents in fashions that are both unpremeditated and aforethought, rising and constructive.
TEHRAN - An Iranian policeman has been sentenced to three years in jail, 74 lashes and two years' internal exile for the unpremeditated killing of a blogger in 2012, media reported Saturday.
There had been many blockbusters before "Batman," of course, but most had been unpremeditated --almost inadvertent.
So often the things that really matter come to us not after long and arduous study but in a flash of insight: direct, spontaneous, unpremeditated.
It is most commonly heard either in unpremeditated speech on the street or in the work of an excellent actor.
The man's death proved to be unpremeditated while the weapon used, and the suspect were referred to the RAK Public Prosecution for legal action.
Unexpectedly, unpremeditated, but once those lips landed together, he was like, 'This is not bad,'" said Parsons.