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So often the things that really matter come to us not after long and arduous study but in a flash of insight: direct, spontaneous, unpremeditated.
The man's death proved to be unpremeditated while the weapon used, and the suspect were referred to the RAK Public Prosecution for legal action.
Unexpectedly, unpremeditated, but once those lips landed together, he was like, 'This is not bad,'" said Parsons.
In 2007, a court-martial at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base north of San Diego sentenced Hutchins to 15 years in military prison after finding him guilty of unpremeditated murder and other crimes.
It is a situation where a driver reacts explosively and in unpremeditated anger to an incident that is disproportionate to the provocation, she says.
Mr Justice Horner said there were a number of mitigating factors, including Shang's guilty plea, her remorse, and that the unpremeditated stabbing was committed against an agreed background of domestic violence.
The depth and variety of the show paid tribute to its curation as the outcome of higher learning, driven by young people and extended to the visitor in a spirit of unpremeditated discovery, true to the outlook of its subject.
75) Similarly, some commentators call for differing approaches when civilians are used as shields as part of a long-term strategy as opposed to when an individual civilian is used as a shield in an isolated and unpremeditated incident.
He also maintained it was an unpremeditated attack and he had never intended to kill Mr Wells, who rapidly bled to death.
Readers know only that evenings ended "occasionally in an unpremeditated little ball" in which the heroine, Anne Elliot, does not participate because "she has quite given up dancing" (47, 72).
What lovely animation, what beautiful unpremeditated pantomime, explaining to us every syllable that passes, in these ingenuous girls" (205).