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While rather unprepossessing compared with some structures on the list, this small piece of Worcester history is a worthy choice.
Like William, Frances Henri has grown up in emotional isolation, her character, sense of justice and strength of moral courage hidden beneath an unprepossessing exterior.
It is sports memory that forms the center of this highly engaging and very unprepossessing investigation into sports culture.
An unprepossessing mess when they bought it, the cottage now boasts a warm, faux-finished Mediterranean ambiance.
While it shelters children and protects them from harm, if we are not careful it can create almost a sub-species whose language is dominated by assessments, placements and meetings held in unprepossessing locations and behind glass panels.
Then in the 1950s pioneering work in the Belize Valley under the direction of Gordon Willey began to show that there was as much, if not more, information to be gained from probing the most unprepossessing structures than from attacking the largest buildings available.
Enticing fretful bag ladies beyond the unprepossessing frontage up to a luminous haven of luxury leather goods was Heatherwick's principal design challenge, and he has risen to the occasion with characteristic aplomb.
Bonds (right) is a surly, unprepossessing character who many insist achieved his numbers because of the unfair advantage he has gained through drug use.
The first Iranian leader in modern times who established rapport with common folk, despite his aristocratic origins, and came to epitomize Iranian aspirations for achieving economic and political independence and ending oligarchic rule at home, lies unsung under the floor of his unprepossessing home," he notes.
In an unprepossessing business unit in Banbury, Oxfordshire, Chris White, the managing director of upmarket herbs, spices and cake decorations company, Fiddes Payne, is sitting in his product-strewn office, deep in the process of creative thought.
Looking toward home plate, through the backstop fence and across the road, we spotted an unprepossessing storefront.
Cornette and Janji both have unprepossessing regular-guy appeal that balance and blend with the work of the ladies.