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Mobilizing their resources and experience gained in marine engineering, they succeeded, and although bearing rather unprepossessing designations such as M1 and Q2, the dams are massive, very solid and -- to the residents downstream -- very reassuring structures.
In walked an unprepossessing, middle-aged, thin, graying, slightly hunched man.
What was once an unprepossessing gap between the majesty of the Albert Dock and the Three Graces has experienced a dramatic makeover.
It has to be said that Malvern Spa from the outside is unprepossessing. But it also should be said that once inside the doors, as long as you don't look out of any windows, you can cut yourself off from the world.
To handle the large amount of onstage cooking and baking in David Lindsay-Abaire's play, much of the stage food was unprepossessing prefab "prop" food--plain pudding standing in for creme brulee, or Tang for fresh orange juice.
They are thickly concentrated observations woven throughout with quiet insight and achingly beautiful yet unprepossessing prose.
The attention is not because of any publicity wizardry by Karp, an unprepossessing 36-year-old management consultant with no publication experience, who looks exactly like someone who created and then sold the government procurement software maker Freerain Systems that is partly financing the Printed Blog.
When, no doubt, we'll end up with another charisma-free ball of mediocrity like last year's unprepossessing winner Leon Jackson.
That said, Julian Holland is to be commended for digging up interesting facts and figures on even the most unprepossessing islands.
While rather unprepossessing compared with some structures on the list, this small piece of Worcester history is a worthy choice.
Like William, Frances Henri has grown up in emotional isolation, her character, sense of justice and strength of moral courage hidden beneath an unprepossessing exterior.
It is sports memory that forms the center of this highly engaging and very unprepossessing investigation into sports culture.