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Because I think that they are deeply unpretentious people, and that message about taking that responsibility sensibly, realistically, courageously, comes over very strongly in conversation with them.
Cothelstone is an unpretentious venue which attracts competitors from far and wide
Knowledge about Jyske Bank in the market rose significantly, and analysis shows, that people associate us with values important to our brand, such as: unpretentious, modern, accommodating.
She was a lovely girl and a lovely person, unpretentious, and without any guile at all.
Given Zaiser's unpretentious technique and subject, it is difficult not to think of folk artist Edward Hicks's illustrations of Isaiah 11:6-9, the vision of a "Peaceable Kingdom" where the wolf shall dwell with the lamb.
Heard reaffirms Reagon as an unpretentious lyricist and master of boiling down labyrinthine emotions.
Another highlight, Frenchman Philippe Decoufle's effervescent Solo, was an irresistible melange of precise physical skills and unpretentious technological tricks.
Once in the White House, however, this seemingly unpretentious man suddenly morphed into a "war president.
In this raw and unpretentious film, cartoony young bullies pick on a fellow student.
While the actual writing down of both words and symbols--be it on paper or stone--is a way of recording and preserving the values and thoughts of a people, this tiny and unpretentious book does more.
Her writing is simple and unpretentious, and her observations are often profound.
I have had approaches from a number of broadcasters and production companies and I like Five's unstuffy, unpretentious approach,' said Mr Campbell.