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Finally, that modesty we mean by unpretentiousness is also addressed in Dogen's caution against arrogance; in the same section we read that "Those who consider their wealth as a just reward and who pay no attention to the envy of the poor are called arrogant .
But it takes place as such, as human work, with the same unpretentiousness with which they must take place, and alone can take place as good works." (25) For both Barth and Hauerwas, truthful witness to the story of redemption is the central element of Christian ethics.
Tasic's style is both poetic and humorous, with a captivating unpretentiousness. Tasic's character is, for instance, reluctant to eat on the street in Amsterdam because "A few days before, my father told me that I was 'our country's ambassador,' and I took his words very seriously."
We liked the unpretentiousness of it all, plus, in my case, the fact that you could join for a month at a time.
Bill's criticism of Lawrence and other writers is distinguished by its clarity, insightfulness, and unpretentiousness.
In her first appearance on the show, she kept professing the importance of cooking "with love," blending classic French technique and culinary education with soulful, joyful unpretentiousness. At first I was suspiciousirksome hippie!but it turned out she had all the good aspects of hippie-dom without the annoying self-righteousness.
Their marked unpretentiousness makes them a chronicle of the epoch.
But most admirable of all is the book's sharp clarity of organization and the jargon-free unpretentiousness with which the author puts forward his findings.
Mandour accomplishes this feat with grace, without detracting from the novel's buoyancy and unpretentiousness.
It seems that simplicity and unpretentiousness of Erlang formulas can be their strong advantage against other methods for traffic description in asynchronous networks, but the more future research is necessary in this field.
A certain unpretentiousness, like what you find at a place like Papa's Soul Food Kitchen & Blues Joint.