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A regulatory regime should seek to minimize the costs of regulation as well as the cost of unprevented harm.
Volokh argues that privacy interests rarely rise to a level worthy of withstanding strict scrutiny: "Why should the harm to my child and my family stemming from the child's exposure to online indecency remain unprevented .
One would need to know such things as the cost of each tap in terms of law enforcement resources, the opportunity costs of using wiretapping instead of devoting the same resources to other crime fighting techniques, how many (and what kinds) of crimes were actually prevented, detected, or proven by wiretaps, and how many of those would (probably) have gone unprevented, undetected, or unproven without wiretaps.
Unprevented pertussis can result in complications including secondary infections, central nervous system manifestations due to anoxia caused by cough paroxysms or pertussis toxins, and tissue organ injury from increased pressure from severe cough paroxysms and vomiting.
integrity by permitting third-party deaths to go unprevented.