unprincipled politician

See: demagogue
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We used to think Mitt Romney was just a meandering, unprincipled politician with no firm values - in other words, a perfect candidate for higher office - but we've recently learned that he harbors a firm and principled dislike for money-grubbing entitled street rats, otherwise known as the elderly.
That's impossible to prove, making it a perfect argument for an unprincipled politician.
It exposes our great leader as a cynical, unprincipled politician rather than the "holy roller" he likes to be seen as.
Have conservatives no heroes that we must slaver over this unprincipled politician and icon of the American left?
Noting this campaign of hate and prejudice has received a fillip from ignorant media portrayals of Muslims, the Pakistani envoy said unprincipled politicians have sought to build their political fortunes by spreading fear and xenophobia, promising to build walls against migrants; barring refugees, even widows and orphans; banning the adherents of a specific religion from entry to their countries' shores-an obvious reference to the utterances of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
In a speech two hours earlier, Cruz provided an advanced rebuttal of sorts to Trump's appearance, warning the assembled Tea Partiers against getting "burned again" by unprincipled politicians vying for their votes.
In every country there are unprincipled politicians but none can beat the political 'chameleons' in Tamil Nadu.
And if Livingstone wins in London, the temptation will become overwhelming for other unprincipled politicians on the left similarly to play the Islamist, anti-West, anti-gay, anti-Jew card.
How can inward investors, other councils or partners have any confidence in dealing with a council dominated by a number of unprincipled politicians.
Love of country, yes, respect for unprincipled politicians, no.
We all knowthat Labour planned to make saving of pounds 44bn or more if they had been re-elected but nowthese unprincipled politicians jump on any passing band-wagon shouting no savings need to be made anywhere.