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You could sense that Obama had been dragged unwillingly into this new unproclaimed war.
History informs us that according to Adolf Luderitz this was unproclaimed land.
She has been one of the loudest critics of the United States in the body, leaving no conspiracy theory unproclaimed.
47 ("Chapter 47") and again remained on the books for some time unproclaimed.
The remaining provisions of Chapter 47 remain unproclaimed at the time of writing and are beyond the scope of this paper.
setback with an unproclaimed moratorium that saw the firing of thousands
Before the amendments, there were unproclaimed capping provisions that provided for a maximum period under which a person could be detained or under supervision conditions.
Legislation passed following the release of the Child, Family, and Community Services Act Report left unproclaimed most of the progressive features of the report, although some were addressed in later legislation.
The unproclaimed provisions relating to "dangerous mentally disordered accused" in section 672.
As Thomas had come to massage a growing friendship with Frost, so she had come to breathe the same air as Thomas, for Eleanour Farjeon nurtured a secret, unproclaimed love for Edward Thomas.
In 1977, after the change in the political set up in the country, the programme met with severe criticism from the political and religious leaders, resulting in an unproclaimed moratorium on programme activities, which continued until 1979.