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It's time to abolish this unproductive agency and put taxpayers' money to better use," he added.
There was no sun there was cold temperatures which kept the fields pretty inactive and unproductive in April.
Using policy to support entrepreneurship, therefore, is abalancing act between helping facilitate productive entrepreneurship while avoiding incentives that lead to unproductive behavior.
The Brightline Initiative is a coalition of global organizations dedicated to helping executives bridge the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and strategy delivery.
A number of local unproductive farms have started to look for effective ways to enhance their investment and output to improve food security in Qatar.
The current laws, rules and regulations are preferring trade over industry and pushing capital towards unproductive sectors like real estate and the stock market, it said.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and chief negotiator on European Union accession Omer Celik accused Cyprus of unilaterally blocking the opening of new chapters and of adopting an unproductive stance at the Conference on Cyprus in Switzerland, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Tuesday.
However, Afghanistan's forces had called a flag meeting with Pakistani forces three times which ended unproductive.
Now that it is getting increasingly certain that this year's budget will undergo revision, experts recommend that the Government should cut unproductive costs and avoid unnecessary taking of new loans.
The bank said that a strong and robust bankruptcy code would encourage reforms for the banking industry to help unlock the unproductive capital stuck in the economy.
LOUD talkers, ringing phones and unnecessary meetings are making UK workers unproductive and costing businesses PS250m a year, research shows.
The Bank of Namibia this week hiked the repo rate again by 0.25 basis points in an attempt to quell the demand for unproductive luxury imports, citing it as one of the drivers behind the rise in credit extended to the private sector.