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Mercer found that approximately 5% of an organization's total payroll is at risk from time unproductively spent worrying.
The country would use its resources unproductively, and its firms would become less globally competitive.
The source expressed fears that the company's delegation visit will end unproductively, as did many other international companies' visits to Egypt.
The Skills and Jobs Project will provide relevant training to unemployed, unproductively self-employed, and current employees in need of training.
Is it better to unproductively labour through a mid-morning or post-lunch slump than to take a quick power nap?
Not surprisingly, these urban speculators hold land unproductively (by
A more informed House might also be a chamber in which rank-and-file members would feel a certain amount of ownership over policy development, rather than simply drifting unproductively between learned helplessness and angry rebellion.
It means there is flexibility to work my own hours and days - starting as early and finishing as late as I choose and recognising that as long as the work is completed to the required specification (with regard to quality, time and budget) and that time spent away from my desk/computer isn't, by the previous "office-based" criteria, time spent "unproductively".
* resources consumed unproductively by government and quasi-government bureaucracies;
This would seem to suggest that the dialectic, in this short poem, must issue unproductively, in stasis.
International contributors in economics, business, and law examine rent seeking, defined here as the use of resources unproductively to claim output or wealth that already exists or to seek policies that create privileged benefits.
(1) She has thus been read archetypally, and not unproductively, as an agent of cruel fate or as the man's own lust, greed, and criminal violence displaced and projected upon the aspiring modern woman.