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It is only when one rejects goods, which could be put to some rational use, that losses can be "realized." Extricating expenditure from usefulness Bataille aims to offer an alternative value of unproductiveness. Thus instances of rejecting what might be recuperated in utilisation lead to a valuable effect where what is lost, wasted, contributes, nonetheless, to production: "connected to the losses that are realized in this way--in the case of the 'lost woman' as well as in the case of military expenditure--is the creation of unproductive values." (64)
Onimus (1973), when talking about the competitiveness from the management efficiency perspective, states: Management, almost always, avoids the discernment of the causes of humanist unproductiveness. When evaluated, management tries to show off its techniques, but its procedures and proposals are confusing or contradictory; it signalizes, shows ephemeral motivations, whereas the human motivation is not considered.
Caillois used the grammar to analyse the internal logic of games and pick out their various features (freedom, separation from space-time, uncertainty, unproductiveness, imposition of rules and fiction) and forms (cultural, institutional and transgressive).
But lack of scholarship is a small blemish compared to the seeming unproductiveness of the results.
As Peter Boettke and Christopher Coyne (2006) have explained, the entrepreneurs' unproductiveness may reflect either a lack of profit opportunities owing to restricted markets or the growth-retarding nature of the entrepreneurial activities being undertaken, in the sense of "unproductive" and "destructive" entrepreneurship a la Baumol (1990).
Fruit of the Loom attempted to pit workers against the union by convincing them it excused laziness and unproductiveness. Throughout much of the most intense struggle (October 2008-January 2009), the workplace was split, 50/50, with union workers being on the defensive from anti-union pabulums about the union forcing Fruit of the Loom to leave.
Having relocated to Beijing during the summer of 2007, he had a studio, a social network, the attention of critics and curators--all the things he had lacked a few years earlier--yet he found himself in a state of chronic unproductiveness. If Chu did not go as far as Gu Dexin, who openly declared that he would not show in Beijing in 2008, his implicit vow of silence could not but be vested with an air of resistance--to the "One World One Dream" of China's Olympic organizers and to the art scene unfolding down the street from the games in the 798 gallery district or finding its fulfillment in the Hong Kong auction houses.
This all might be appropriate for a travelogue of medieval Egypt, but all the reader needs to know about David's drowning in the Red Sea--the exact circumstances are unknown but he certainly was not eaten by a Nile crocodile!--is that his death sent Maimonides spiraling into a long period of depression and unproductiveness.
One of the reasons behind the current unproductiveness is the lack of good education and skills among IraqAEs labor force.
Nevertheless, it is also undeniable that, at least in my personal experience, such labour is necessary but not sufficient and that, from time to time, hard work really only takes you so far-far enough for you merely to be spinning your wheels in a dispiriting combination of exhaustion and unproductiveness. (The usual scenario for me in this case involves sitting staring at a screen for hours at a time, producing quantities of work in inverse proportion to the rising tension in my shoulders.) Indeed, in a somewhat ironic reversal, "working hard" here starts to appear at such moments as almost indistinguishable from wasting time, if not procrastination itself.
Congress confuses their lack of resources with unproductiveness and
It dictates, in short, that one cannot be fired or similarly punished without solid evidence of unproductiveness or misconduct.