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This epidemic is not only "Africa's problem", it is the "world's problem" because the longer we look unconcerned, the impact of hunger, deaths, unproductivity and poverty in affected areas in Africa would escalate and impact other parts of the world.
Dubai -- Depression will be a leading cause of disability by 2020 due to unproductivity among patients suffering from cancer and all forms of chronic diseases, said Dr.
He said he thinks that reducing office hours encourages unproductivity and contravenes the teachings of Islam.
Repeatedly in his analysis of grief, Freud speaks of the "economics" of mourning, using terms that grate against the deliberate unproductivity of Rider's energy in Go Down, Moses.
The argument went that ballerinas and dance halls kept young men from their studies and work, leading them into unproductivity and debt; the female dancers, in turn, were being kept from their duties as women and wives.
In view of the serious unproductivity of the Turkish coal industry, the import of hard coal would, technically speaking, represent an even more lucrative way of doing business than mining in the Zonguldak basin.
President Raul Castro has characterized Cuba's dual-currency system as the economy's "Achilles' heel"--but concedes that it's very difficult to overcome given the economy's current levels of unproductivity.
Managers often deal with issues that can range from unproductivity to tardiness to bad hygiene.
His memory loss, his predicliction towards unproductivity, his sad and irritable character, his abandon to manners and propriety, make his company a nuisance.
These statistics suggest a recommencement of the development of the worldwide cereal trade after a period of near unproductivity.
Buric empowers owners, architects and construction managers to successfully complete capital projects by minimizing delays, cost overruns and litigation caused by poor planning, unproductivity and waste.
For every ten people in the room, that's ten minutes of collective unproductivity.