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I discovered that my house actually had its site in such a withdrawn, but forever new and unprofaned, part of the universe.
And his vehement rejection of this alien, class-based masculine culture leads him to describe the ring as "a spot of virgin-green closed in and unprofaned by vulgar tread" (17:80).
an accumulation of spiritual presences or unprofaned mysteries, that
Repeatedly through the poem we are "shown" "whate'er there is of power in sound / To breathe an elevated mood, by form / Or image unprofaned .
Through years of toil and soil and care, From glossy tress to thin, grey hair, All unprofaned she held apart The virgin fancies of her heart [127]
He exclaimed, without making any attempt to conceal his pride, that he had never watched even a single episode of America's favorite TV sit-com, a revelation that moved me to envy his mind that had remained virginal and unprofaned by a show whose emptyheadedness was exceeded only by its bad taste.