unprofessional conduct

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When a civil claim by a patient alleging professional incompetence or unprofessional conduct by a doctor is dismissed by a court, the court will usually make the unsuccessful patient pay the doctor's costs of defending the action.
Chairman Peter Williams said Mr Harding, who did not appear at the hearing and was not represented, had appeared to be in denial about the gravity of his unprofessional conduct and there had been only a limited expression of remorse.
The only way to be sure of getting to the bottom of unprofessional conduct is to complain to the police directly - quoting the name and service number of the policeman or woman involved, together with the time, place and nature of the alleged wrongdoing.
Once a complaint of unprofessional conduct is filed with OPR, it is screened to ensure that: 1) the factual allegations are possible; and 2) that if the conduct alleged occurred, it would constitute unprofessional conduct.
This pattern of harassment creates an undue financial burden on the physicians to defend themselves, resulting in doctors' entering into settlement agreements wherein they admit unprofessional conduct against their moral convictions, in order to avoid bankruptcy.
The slackness and unprofessional conduct of the Education Department has spread unease among the women teachers awaiting promotion.
Sometimes people are unhappy about being caught and can become abusive or make false allegations about unprofessional conduct.
New definitions of unprofessional conduct were added to include harm to a family member of a patient in addition to harm to a patient, committing an error in the delivery or administration of a medication, failing to cooperate with an investigation of the Board, and violating professional boundaries by the use of social media.
In its December 2011 decision, the Tribunal censured Carrington to mark its formal disapproval of the unprofessional conduct.
Personnel who have shown any unprofessional conduct in were being dealt with the statement said.
While statutes explicitly allowing expedited partner therapy are preferable, ACOG wrote that it may be easier to get a ruling from the state medical and pharmacy boards that the practice is not unprofessional conduct.
constitutes unprofessional conduct and grounds for disciplinary action.