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Two or three times, may be, you will succeed, but if you trouble them further, it will not avail you, and all your talk will be in vain, and your word-play unprofitable.
The cost of an efficient farm system is now so little-- not more than two dollars a month, that the present trashy lines are certain sooner or later to go to the junk-heap with the sickle and the flail and all the other cheap and unprofitable things.
The association, if successful, was to continue for twenty years; but the parties had full power to abandon and dissolve it within the first five years, should it be found unprofitable.
However, the Ministry of Finance objected to such a re-distribution of the budget expenses, since the major amount (155 million hryvnias) should be taken from the program for the closure of five unprofitable coal-mines.
6 percent of banks were unprofitable, which was the lowest percentage of unprofitable institutions since the second quarter of 2005.
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) has announced a plan to revitalise its Chinese banking operation which has remained unprofitable.
The very nature of healthcare makes it unprofitable in a civilised society, as the most seriously ill are also the most vulnerable and desperate, needing expensive care and yet unable to earn money while being so ill.
Sir Richard Branson's loss-making airline is dropping unprofitable services to Mumbai, Tokyo, Vancouver and Cape Town in a bid to make money again by the end of this year.
Enterprises in processing industry have reportedly accounted for 43% of the overall number of unprofitable enterprises in the country, construction sector - 32.
Last year, Titan ended discussions on a possible acquisition of a portion of the unprofitable Amiens plant because employees headed by the CGT union refused to work longer hours to save jobs.
5 billion) for the fiscal year through March due to restructuring costs and slumping sales, but predicted a return to the black this year as it prunes unprofitable businesses.
But the new owner, who bought 388 stores out of adminstration, saving 6,000 jobs, is now in talks with landlords in an attempt to reopen some of the unprofitable stores that were not part of the deal.