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Jacques's belief squares with Williams's argument that "the importance" of abolitionists to the end of slavery in England, "has been seriously misunderstood." (29) Williams believes that although "certain abolitionists" who agitated for an end to Britain's participation in the slave trade and later for the abolition of slavery in the British colonies, did complain about the "inhumanity of West Indian slavery," their complaints have to be measured against their simultaneous and paradoxical concern about the "unprofitableness of West Indian monopoly," particularly, as it affected the sugar traffic in Brazil and India.
This obsolete philosophy reigned for millennia, "meanly proud of its own unprofitableness." The not-so-wise men long gone got nowhere fast and saw to it that mankind would stay there, without hope of improving the general lot.
movement despite the lack of communication with some of the neighboring countries and the unprofitableness of this kind of activity.